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Go Green With Seasonal Entertaining

Go Green With Seasonal Entertaining


Bynum Design Group is more than a design firm, we are a lifestyle brand. While we offer services and sell and design products, we always have our mind on our clients’ social lives. One of our first considerations when engaging on a family space like a den, family room, living or dining room or landscaping project is how it will be used for entertaining.

Social responsibility plays a role in social entertaining too. How do you stay mindful of the environment and avoid excess while opening up your home to guests, family and friends?

Find a good furniture consignment store and invest in solid pieces that have decades of service to offer before retirement. Saving them from landfills vs buying new is the equivalent of furniture recycling. It provides you with a great story when guests pay you compliments too! The piece may be turnkey or it may need a little work to tie into your overall décor. Whatever the case, make sure it has solid bones that allow it to be functional and adaptable so that you can use it for occasion after occasion. Interior designers are good sources for ideas of pieces that will serve this purpose, but you can browse sites like Pinterest to see the kinds of pieces others are adapting before a trip to your favorite consignment store as well.

For a real wow factor, consider using furniture traditionally found inside when entertaining outside and vice versa. This is unexpected and green because often you can use what you have, just in a nontraditional way. When incorporating indoor furniture outside go all out with rugs and carpets that anchor the vignette. Secondhand stores (again with the recycling!) have options that are reasonably priced and some natural, biodegradable fibers like sisal or jute may be re-used as ground cover in your garden later this summer.

Lastly, consider centerpieces that feature fruit instead of flowers. Having edible and artistic focal points makes for beautiful tables. In addition it cuts down on the expense and waste associated with cut flowers. Mix and match platters that you already have or borrow from family and friends who are invited to the event so they feel even more tied to the occasion.

There’s more where these tips come from. Contact Bynum Design Group at 404-691-0550 to make your next project or event unforgettable.

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