FAQs 2017-05-03T22:14:17+00:00
Do you have quality condition criteria for the photos I submit? 2017-11-01T21:04:13+00:00

Take them as you would show to friends, with good light and in focus. Nothing too dark or far away and please focus on the problem areas. Don’t hide damages or problems.

Are there any specifications for image uploads? 2016-12-15T04:57:11+00:00

You can upload any three images you have taken with your digital camera or with your phone. Just click “browse image” to upload it to our online submission tool. Please remember, the larger the files size the longer the upload might take. Pictures from your phone or point-and-shoot camera should uploaded quickly.

What should my images show? 2016-12-15T04:56:21+00:00

One image that shows the complete item, a side or back view, as well as any images that show any interesting or relevant details.

Does Rite at Home offer pick-up services out of state or international? 2016-12-15T04:55:38+00:00

Should you require special arrangements, we would be happy to recommend a pick-up and delivery service for your needs.

Where and when can I drop off my items? 2016-12-15T04:46:27+00:00

After your items are submitted, approved and a contract is signed, it is necessary to make an appointment to make drop off or delivery arrangements.

How are delivery charges determined? 2016-12-15T04:31:41+00:00

Costs depend on a number of factors: location, weight, dimensions, quantity and type of item. A quote is obtained from one of several recommended white glove transportation companies.

Does Rite at Home offer pick-up and/or delivery? 2016-12-15T04:30:17+00:00

Yes, pick-up and delivery arrangements can be made with one of our associates. Please email info@riteathomeatlanta.com or call 404-691-0550. You will be given a fair estimate for the moving charges.

What happens if I want to cancel my contract? 2016-12-15T04:27:51+00:00

Your contract can be cancelled at any time. Any expenses incurred such as delivery, cleaning or reapirs must be settled before items are released.

What happens if my items do not sell and my contract expired? 2016-12-15T04:24:32+00:00

If the item does not sell in 90 days, you will need to contact us to express your desire to renew your contract. If not, schedule an appointment to pick up your items, or they will become the property of Rite at Home.

How will I know if my items have sold? 2016-12-15T04:20:10+00:00

You can check your item’s status by logging onto your account on our website or you may stop by the shop at any time. When items have sold Rite at Home will advise you by email.

I had my items professionally appraised. Can we use my appraisal? 2016-12-15T03:44:45+00:00

Yes, any appraisal documents or receipts will be of great value when determining the selling price.

How is the retail price determined? 2016-12-15T03:43:36+00:00

Members of our team will work with you to determine a reasonable retail price for consigning your item(s).


What items will not be accepted by Rite At Home? 2016-12-15T03:41:22+00:00

We will not consign the following items: stained and visibly worn upholstery, kitchen appliances, utensils, BBQ items, ceiling fans, bathroom accessories, dried or artificial floral arrangements, window coverings, bedding, yarn goods, liquor bottles, luggage, Murphy beds, mattresses, furniture items in need of repair/refinishing, stuffed animals, dolls, toys, electronic equipment, stereo speakers and musical instruments.

What items will Rite At Home consign? 2016-12-15T03:39:29+00:00

Designer quality and luxury home furnishings, unique treasures, fine art and sculptures, fashionable collectibles, new and gently used furniture, decorative accessories, carpets, lamps, clocks, mirrors, in-season, rare artifacts and other high quality, luxury items for the home.

Do you ever discount consigned items? 2016-12-15T03:08:10+00:00

Items may be marked down 10% after the first 60 days and will be determined solely by the management of Rite at Home. Discounting will depend on the terms of the contract, interest, condition and salability.

What are the consignment terms? 2016-12-15T03:07:04+00:00

Rite at Home terms are, 50/50 split, 90 day term to sell your items and a renewable term may be considered for another 30 to 60 days. The Consignor is responsible for delivery charges and other fees may apply.

Is consigning furniture like consigning clothing? 2016-12-15T03:03:22+00:00

The basic rules are the same, however, delivery will most likely have to be arranged.

Why should I think about consigning? 2016-12-15T03:02:27+00:00

Consigning is a variation of recycling. Recycling funds back into your life is important part of consigning. With today’s increasing awareness of our environment and the importance of reducing waste, your items become someone else’s treasures.

What is a consignment store? 2016-12-15T03:01:27+00:00

A retail store whereby the consignee (Rite at Home) and the consignor (the item’s owner) split the proceeds and a payment is made when the item is sold.