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LaMont Bynum

October 18, 2023

Transitioning Your Home for Fall 2023: Dive into RAH's Exquisite Look Book

Guides Your Fall Home Transition, handpicked by our expert

As we bid adieu to the warm embrace of summer, the amber-toned allure of fall awaits us. With it comes the excitement of the holidays, cozy family gatherings, and the undeniable charm of switching up home décor. To inspire this seasonal transformation, we're elated to present our RAH Fall 2023 Look Book.

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Fall 2023 Look Book

Download Our Fall 2023 Look Book for FREE: An exclusive 30% discount on all Look Book items. A refreshed home for fall and a deal to match? Absolutely irresistible!


Meet Our CEO

As master of the perfect mix, LaMont Bynum can magically transform a raw space or breathe new life into what already exists.His education in interior design combined with his penchant for problem solving and passion for transforming lives led to him following his calling to become a designer. Lamont thrives on working with clients to refine a vision and make it reality. He believes happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.

“Fall design is more than just a seasonal shift; it's a celebration of nature's grand finale in the comfort of our homes.”

- LaMont Bynum

Here’s How RAH’s 2023 Fall Look Book Guides Your Home's Fall Transition:

Color Palettes to Fall For:

Think deep saturated oranges, reminiscent of pumpkin patches, and earthy greens, evoking forest canopies. Our Look Book showcases furniture that integrates these colors seamlessly, creating cozy corners ready for fall.

Textures that Warm the Soul:

As the temperature drops, our Look Book emphasizes the value of textures. Infuse your spaces with opulent textiles, rich woods, and sleek metals. Whether it's a plush throw on a sofa or a textured metallic centerpiece, it's all about tactile richness.

Shapes and Silhouettes:

Modern meets retro in our collection, blending the best of both worlds. From vintage-inspired pieces that add nostalgia to contemporary designs that cater to modern aesthetics, there's a piece for every home story.

Prep for the Holidays:

The holidays are just around the corner! Our Look Book offers pieces that not only celebrate fall but also seamlessly transition into the festive season. Think extendable dining tables for those family feasts and comfy lounge chairs perfect for fireside chats.

Wrapping Up:

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Transitioning a home for fall isn’t merely about aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that resonates with comfort, warmth, and the anticipation of cherished moments to come. With the RAH Fall 2023 Look Book as your guide, curating a home that's holiday-ready becomes an enchanting journey.

This autumn, let transformation begin at home. Ready for a fresh touch? Dive into our special offer: a $1,000 gift card to rejuvenate your favorite room. Embrace the season, and let's make your dream space come alive. Fall deeply in love with your home all over again. 🍁🏠. Stay tuned for more design inspiration!

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